How to Submit Samples

Sample requirements

We recommend sending us frozen primary samples, e.g. whole blood or fresh frozen tissue samples.

This allows for preparation of high quality DNA, which is the analyzed substance for our qPCR immune monitoring service. We also accept PMBC, isolated genomic DNA, as well as embedded tissue slices.

For detailed information in regard to sample inputs and shipment instructions, please refer to our Guideline for Collecting and Packing Clinical Samples.

Please contact us with any questions regarding sample requirements or arrangements for sample shipment.  

Shipping to our Epiontis ID laboratory in Berlin, Germany:

To avoid customs delays, it is recommended specifying samples in the cover letter / letter of consignment as follows:

  • blood*/cells*/genomic DNA* of human origin (*delete as applicable)
  • non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-infectious
  • for research purpose only
  • commercial value: 1US$/1 Euro 

Please ship samples to:

Epiontis GmbH
Attention Julia Oppatt

Rudower Chaussee 29
D-12489 Berlin, Germany  

Please notify us prior to shipment (to check for German holidays) and provide the carrier’s tracking number as soon as the samples have been shipped (Julia Oppatt, Head of Analytical Laboratory,

We will confirm receipt of the tracking information, monitor the progress of the shipment, and subsequently confirm sample receipt. Please contact us with any questions regarding sample requirements or to arrange for sample shipment. 

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