Enriched Cell Populations (e.g. FACS-sorted)

For all input recommendations, high target cell content at or above 80% is assumed. Recommendations in this guideline are based on validation experiments with populations of regulatory T cells (Treg) and overall T cells. It is encouraged to provide more input material than minimum amounts stated, especially if target cell content may be below 80%. For FACS the use of external antibodies is recommended (e.g. sorting for CD4+, CD25+, CD127 low cells or CD3+ cells).

If internal staining is used, we recommend the eBioScienceFoxp3 Staining buffer set (catalog number 5523).

Purified cells:

  • At least 50,000 cells should be provided per assay, resuspended in 200 μl PBS.
  • Please send frozen, assembled on a rack, and ensure that enough dry ice is present.
  • For frozen samples, World Courier or MARKEN is a preferred shipment agency.

Isolated DNA:

  • At least 300 ng should be provided per assay, in a volume of 50 μl or less.
  • Samples can be sent at room temperature or at 4°C using cool packs.
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