Whole Blood Samples

Blood sample collection

1.       Collect blood into tubes containing EDTA (BD Vacutainer Plus 4mL lavender/EDTA with Hemogard – part number 368861 (Europe) or 367844 (US,other countries)).  

2.       Label tubes with a code/name of the study and a sample ID number only.  

3.       Gently invert the tube a few times to mix the blood with the anticoagulant.  

4.       Optional: divide the anti-coagulated whole blood evenly into two cryovials and label the cryovials.  

5.       After collection, blood samples can be kept at 4°C for up to 24 hours before freezing.    

6.       Freeze the samples at or below -20°C. Avoid thaw/freeze cycles.      

Shipping to Epiontis (Germany)  

Ship samples (that are assembled in a rack/box) on dry ice and make sure that dry ice load will be sufficient to keep samples frozen during the entire shipment.

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